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19. Currently living in New Jersey, it fails. I'm a silly girl that does silly things. I don't think I'll ever grow up. In the sense that I will stay play video games, LOL whenever I feel like it, talk about random shit that you would never think of in the first place, not understanding boys at all, but still loving the fuck out of them. y'know~

But if you want me to be completely honest with you, I will. This pretty much sums me up really well:

I was actually a parasite living off of my mom, came out of her 'gina. Became a little monster at 14. I'm kinda like Juno without a baby and a Bleeker. That's bad.

I'm not girly, nor am I a tomboy. I would like to think of myself in the middle.

I love kpop, electro music, anything that is upbeat. But not to the point I'll get a massive headache or bleed out of my ears due to people taking upbeat to the extreme. I need happy music in my life, I think it's ridiculous for people to only listen to sad music. You're bound to be a sad person if all you listen to is sad music. I like being able to listen to a song, and feel happy that I'm even alive to listen to it. I need the type of music that will make me appreciate life, and make me think outside the box.

I enjoy horror movies, that's pretty much the only thing I'll watch. Maybe a few chick flicks here and there, but I really enjoy getting scared shitless. LOL, and that rarely happens. Except for the movie Mum & Dad, that movie was sorts of all wtf.

I'm currently enjoying these TV shows: Dexter, True Blood, Ugly Betty.

Other shows I loved were Coffee Prince, and Prince Hours. I do love me some Korean Drama from time to time, not going to lie.

- If you're extremely annoying, don't talk to me.

- If you're srs face all the time, don't talk to me.

This is my keyword: fun.

If you're not fun, gtfo.
  • Mood: Winter Downs
  • Listening to: Beautiful - Meg

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